It’s interesting how ideas can come when you least expect.

I have been painting all my life but never quite found my true voice until recently. My work is a glimpse into the intelligence of plants and the natural world and evolved from the influence of my original experimental music. I had a gut feeling that this music would lead me to a new way of approaching painting, I just never thought that creating YouTube videos for my music would be the spark I was looking for… Funny how things work! From the visual shapes of sound waves to the magic of plants, my creative journey is now on very solid ground & ready to blossom.

My intention is to immerse the viewer into a new dreamworld of natural beauty. I can’t wait to take this exploration further with each new piece!

I am honored to be represented by the Christopher Hill Gallery in beautiful St. Helena , CA. If you are interested in owning an original piece, contact the Christopher Hill Gallery here.
If you have questions or comments regarding the work or sounds, I’d love to hear from you – David

David Baldwin